Ios 11.3 coming next week ? Keeping our fingers crossed, what to expect.

Accessory manufacturer Shure is claiming on Twitter that iOS 11.3 will be debuting next week. While it may seem they’ve been privy to some insider information, a release next week seems unlikely.

The issue has arisen as there has been a few issues with the latest version of iOS and different Shure microphones. A customer reached out to Shure support on Twitter, and they confirmed it was a known issue.

They shared that iOS 11.3, which is currently in beta, would be publicly released next week. As they are an MFi approved accessory maker who has undoubtedly received numerous complaints, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple reassured them that the issue was fixed in iOS 11.3.

If Apple did indeed inform them of a planned release next week however, it would be contradictory to what they’ve said publicly.

When Apple previewed iOS 11.3, they promised a Spring delivery. That would mean anywhere between March 20th and June 21st. Next week would seemingly be far ahead of that window.

It is also only on beta 3. Apple usually extends a few more betas to developers and testers, especially on a bigger release such as this. In fact, we saw six betas with iOS 11.2.5.

The current beta, while decently stable, does not feel quite polished enough for a general release.

The last indicator that a release next week is unlikely is the current build of iOS 11.3 includes the Feedback app. This app is usually removed in the last beta before a release.

While I am as excited as anyone for the release if iOS 11.3 with new Animoji, Messages in iCloud, health records, business chat, battery health, and more, I don’t expect to see this until mid to late March at the earliest.

What do you think? Is Apple going to surprise us with an early release? Let us know in the comments.

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