HDBox-V1.9-official release Focused on iMac & MacBook SPI access:

(+) Speed selector is active now, High Speed, Medium Speed, Slow Speed, and eXtra Slow Speed available, for the rare cases when the mac give malformed IDs when using Detect SPI at the default high speed,
(+) Writing Notice added, it will displayed when user either use write full, or write sync options,
(*) Finalized Reverse Writing Algorithm for Full Write method, it will start from the end of the image and go towards the start, this will prevent SMC trying to boot machine too earlier if HDBOX and SPI adaptor are used in system programing,
(*) Fixed Write Sync method issue that was making the process to fail when the chip was de-soldered from board and mounted on the SOIC8 clam,
(+) Minor Fine tunnings & tweaks.

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