Not too long ago, taking screenies on your iPhone was still infuriatingly slow and long-winded. The overhauled screenshot process finally gracing us with iOS 11 has therefore been as overdue as it has been a resounding success. In fact, it’s easily one of my favorite features when it comes to the latest software update: take the screenshot, hit the thumbnail in the corner, edit if needed and send it to whoever, all without having to leave the app you’re currently using or clogging your Camera roll.

Considering how well iOS 11 tightened this process, how could this possibly get faster you might ask? Well, it can. Below we will let you in on a little trick to skip past the screenshot-editing screen and jump directly from your screenshot to the Share sheet. It’s certainly only one small step for your iOS experience, but it is one that if implemented regularly will result in a leap in your productivity.
How to share your screenshot immediately after taking it

1) Depending on your iPhone, either hold down the Volume Up button on the left and the Side button on the right (iPhone X) or the On/Off button on the right and Touch ID (iPhone 8 and lower). This will trigger the screen grab.

2) Wait for the thumbnail of your screenshot to fly in from the bottom left corner, then hold down a finger on the thumbnail for a little longer than usual. The duration will be similar to the time required to get your Home screen icons to start wiggling.

3) Watch what happens next: instead of conjuring up the screenshot editing screen, the iPhone will directly jump to the share sheet:

4) Having bypassed the editing and cropping screen, you can now save or share the screenie straight away.

And that’s it, you have shortened an already short process. Granted this gesture is a tad gimmicky, however it will amount to time saved in the long run. That aside, it is tucked away so well that it runs the risk of flying under the radar for most users – something we just don’t condone here at iDB.

Give it a try and let us know in the comments if you will use the shortcut going forward!

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