Hmi Tool 1.1.0 Released

useless update Add Special Files For XIAOMI MI4 MI4I MI5 MI5S PLUS MI5 X MI6 MI A1 MI NOTE5A REDMI 2 PRIME REDMI 4A REDMI 4X REDMI S3 SPECIAL TANX TO MR.ASHTIANI FROM IRAN FOR HELP This method OR Files is intended for those phones that has “invalid IMEI” and it is not possible to activate Diag port using root access or using codes. These files repair invalid IMEI and also using them you can activate Diag port using codes or root method on HUA.EXE Download DOWNLOAD FILES NOTE ABOUT AMAZING ORDER FROM USERS: Please be a little logical and patient for applying updates. We’ll work for your satisfaction but not at low cost. how to Buy Huabox + HQT + HMI BY infinity credits(All Countries) Read Here Carefully If you doubt about buying HUA DONGLE HUA TEAM REPORT GALLERY What is HDE TOOL? What is Hmi Tab? HOW TO USE HQT ? HOW TO DOWNLOAD HQT DUMPS? HOW TO BUY HUA DONGLE? HUA BOX ONLINE SUPPORT HUA TEAM WORLD RESELLERS now compare yourself 🙂 CLICK HERE FOR COMPARE HUA TEAM ONLINE SUPPORT CLICK HERE HUA TEAM TELEGRAM CHANNEL FOR SEE SUCCESS REPORTS + MANUALS + VIDEOS + SCRENN SHOTS CLICK HERE Important Note 1 Huabox version 2.1.4 released Asansam activation For HUA Users Important Note 2 We Strongly advice always use Last version and before installing new version uninstall previous version Important Note 3 HUA Tool Can also Activate on Following Infinity Team Products: – Main Infinity-Box – Infinity-Box Dongle – Infinity-Box [BEST] – Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool How to do that? Read Following Manual Download Manual HOW to BUY? Important Note 4 You can buy hua activation on asansam from infinity Online service now 🙂 Infinity Online Service – HUA Dongle software activation for Asansam Box BR HUA ACTIVE TEAM

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