NAND PRO V1.06 – iPhone/iPad Servicing !

# NAND Pro V1.06

Release Notes:

We have new unique feature to request iPad Unlocked Serial numbers from the nand-pro server via credits
This will give you unlock/clean icloud any iPad with the informations provided included iPAD SN , BT and Wifi
This informations will be displayed in your NAND PRO Software after succesfull operation

Rest of the Process is same as writing these informations on-to NAND !

Credits prices depends on the qty : please consult with your resellers for the best prices .

*Operation is valid for iPad Wifi Models

[Software Changes]

We have tested following NANDs
corrected boot re-routing for faster detections routines with iPad 2 , iPad 3 , iPad 4 , iPad 5 Devices
and made some improvements for SN and Bluetooth changing for the iCloud process.


# SDMALBB4-032G iPad5 64bits
# SDMALBB8-064G iPad5 64bits
# SDMJLBCF4-064G iPad5 64bits
# THGBX3G7D2KLF0C 16G iPad5 64bits
# THGBX4G8D4LLFYC 32G iPad5 64bits
# THGBX4G9T4KLD0C 64G iPad5 64bits
# THGBX4T0T8KLF0E 128G iPad5 64bits


#Italian language added [ Thanks to : Dengel ]


You can download here

There is a lot more to come

Best Regards
NAND Pro Team

NAND PRO is Ultimate NAND Flasher !

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