How to flash Xiaomi devices using MI Flash Tool

If you have fully bricked or soft bricked Xiaomi device, you will need to use fastboot to flash the device. Most people don’t really know how to use windows command console and enter fastboot commands to flash these devices so it’s a good thing Xiaomi created the MI flash tool which is easy to use to flash or upgrade Xiaomi devices when they are in fastboot mode.
MI Flash Tool v20160830  SIZE: 30MB  DOWNLOAD

The installer is small, light and easy to use. The following below shows how to use MI Flash Tool


Battery of device should be about 15%

Backup your personal files (contacts, pictures, videos etc) using Moborobo, Mobile Go etc

Do this at your own risk!

If you are upgrading your device with this tool it is good to create a local backup of your device.

Go to backup Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Local Backup > Backup

When the backup is done, it will be stored inside internal storage > MIUI > Backup > All backup

Copy out this backup file to your PC. You might need it if you like to downgrade.

Download and install the latest version of MI Flash Tool (This installer will install all the drivers needed for flashing any Xiaomi device)

Download the fastboot ROM of your device (If the extension of the ROM is .gz, rename it to .tgz)

Extract the file to an easy location on your PC using Winrar.

Once extracted you will see a folder containing all the files needed for the flashing process.

Put device into fastboot mode by holding volume down + Power button.

When its in fastboot mode, connect to PC with USB

Launch MI Flash Tool

Click Select button

Navigate and select the folder containing the ROM of the device you want to flash then click OK

A pop up will appear, click Browse button on Fastboot Script line

Again, navigate to the ROM folder and select Flash_all.bat then click OK.

Now click Refresh button on MI Flash Tool so as to detect device connected.

At the bottom of the flash tool select the option that you want to perform after the flash or upgrade process is complete

  • –        *Clean all wipes all data in the phone after flash (recommended)
  • –        *Save user data keeps the current user data on the device after flash

When you have selected the option, click the Flash button for the process to begin

When you see “The operation completed successfully”. (0x00000000) know that the process is complete


Device will reboot. Note that first boot after this process longer than usual.

  • olawale
    January 12, 2017 at 8:25 am

    Please admin, if the phone had bootloader lock, it always fail at start. Is there any oda way to unlock bootloader aside going to xiaomi site? I av been battling one mi 2016030 since last year, the phone has mi account. Please help.

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