14 November, 2019

How To Remove/Bypassed FRP Blackberry Priv (Andriod 5.1.1 – 6.0.1)

updated on (25-09-2016) 9:15pm


After  several Request and emails i have kept this for a while while other has it already . without much talk as usual


  1. put an active sim card on your blackberry and note the number
  2. with the other another phone call the sim on your priv
  3. Answer the call
  4. frppriv1
  5. click the circle icon above
  6. launch the dialer button  and dial *#*#4636#*#* to enter secret menu.
  7. fprprib1
  8. hit on usage statistics
  9. hit on the back button and u will find yourself in settings
  10. scroll down About >> and check the android version if  the security patches is Android 5.x.x 2015 security patches  you can go to   to backup and reset
  11. reset phone and when phone starts up, setup a new device. That’s it(skip step 9,10, and 11 is your Android  version  is higher and 2016 security patches scroll down )

Note: Old steps

1. Startup priv
2. Connect to wifi
3 when priv shows checking connection then immediately it shows software update switch of router to stop connection with the priv
4 hit next till u get to the setup pattern screen, setup a pattern lock then restart phone
5 when phone restarts phone will be locked with the pattern u setup earlier.
6 launch the dialer button from th locked screen and dial *#*#4636#*#* to enter secret menu.
7 hit on usage statistics
8 hit on the back button and u will find yourself in settings
9 scroll down About >> and check the android version if  the security patches is Android 5.x.x 2015 security patches  you can go to   to backup and reset
10 reset phone and when phone starts up, setup a new device. That’s it(skip step 9,10,  is your is higher and 2016 security patches  scroll down)

Note: If after reset the google account still remain feel free to drop comment i will guide you on what to do


Follow the above steps and get to settings and continue here

FOR ANDROID 5.1.1  your can get Sound & notification Access from your settings

For 6.0 you can get notification access from your Application Manger and locate Google App  >> there your will See Sound and Notifaction


  1. Go to Sound And Notification
  2. Notification Access
  3. screenshot_20160923-123741
  4. Locate Google App
  5. screenshot_20160923-123747
  6. Click Now Cards
  7. screenshot_20160923-123755
  8. click “show cards” highlighted above”
  9. screenshot_20160923-123823
  10. No Thanks
  11. screenshot_20160923-123840
  12.  In the search bar search for “chrome”  ND OPEN
  13. and visit www.xtechmobile.com/apk/frp.apk
  14. screenshot_20160923-130129
  15. screenshot_20160923-130142
  16. screenshot_20160923-130150
  17. screenshot_20160923-130202
  18. Now open the frp.apk and install
  19. screenshot_20160923-130239@ This stage now you can get a button of wine becuase you are almost there ***wink***
  20. open the downloaded apk after installing and  search ” google account in the search bar and click “google account manger “from the searchscreenshot_20160923-13035421.On click base on step above    select the highlight option talking about Password/Email Details bla bla blascreenshot_20160923-13040622. click try   (the highlighted)screenshot_20160923-130506

    23.click the three icon >>> Browser sign in>>>follow instruction and   login your google account


    24.Your are almost there if login successfully it will go back to step 25  then click create


    25. keep press the back icon till go go back to you activation screen and follow your setup   and activate your phone

26: Restart your phone now and activate your blackberry priv you can  factory rest from menu there after

Tested on Blackberry priv any 5.0—5.1.1 and prive 6.0.1

image below


If it does not work for your 6.0.1 drop comment i will still guide you one on one

For Does currently running 6.0.1 from August- September security patches this for you.  credit to one of our precious xtechmobile reader Manu Alex  aka lex  

who i guided via facebook yesterday he was able to bypass the google account if after trying all this you get error dont worry

download Test DPC  similarly type on browser


download    and setup owner account if you get any error our the app close don’t worry  if not it setup and enjoy


repeat all the step again including  Test DPC . turn off your for 2-10 minute   turn it on  your priv is good to go.

lex is our reader i guide via fb thank God it work for him check out the comment




  1. lex Reply

    Blackberry Priv, Android 6.0.1

    Does not work any of these methods.
    I ve managed to give a Restore using steps indicated above but google account veryfication is still there.

    To be more precise : on Google app no icon with settings… now I did donwloaded de frp.apk and tranfer on Priv using a sdcard, but I can not instal it, message is – Cannot open file!
    I ve been copyed apk file on Donwload director, stil no use.

    Any suggestions?

  2. olawale Reply

    Thanks for the good work, I followed d step, but after installing the app, tried to choose google account I found error. Solution please

  3. lex Reply

    I do not know what hapened but,after I tried all steps above, the only result was=error; today I shut off my Priv and when I open it back, everything was OK. I mean, Priv has normal boot- I can use settings, menu etc- I did add my google account, I have a warning above about:
    What should I do to secure again my phone with my google account??? I mean when I open it next time to ask for my google account/passw.

    S-LEADER -you are the best, probablly the only one who figured it out.

  4. lex Reply

    So how can I secure my Priv now?
    I still can not do last two steps 25 and 26.
    Should I hit factory reset?
    I have partial control on the Priv, I can not launch camera..

    1. S-LEADER Post author Reply

      First go to settings >>About >>Build Number and hit 4 time if Developer mode after the hit is enable Now to to settings >> developer Option and turn on oem and go and factory reset your device google account will be out

  5. ron Reply

    Followed all of the steps but Google account still remains. Also notice that I cannot access developer option. I hit build number 4 times but nothing happens

      1. olawale Reply

        Thank u so much leader, am still on looking for solution on how to fix the error login @google account manager. So I just download one launcher, and disable setup wizard. So for now I can use d phone until I reboot.

          1. olawale

            Thanks boss, you are a life saver, I just did dpc now. And it went through. God bless you abundantly boss. Love you man.

  6. Patrick Reply

    Hello, i stuck at step 18, i can open the frp.apk but i got “unable scan” message, so i can not install frp.apk.
    Please help me.

  7. Mikel Reply

    hey buddy, I have a blackberry priv stv100 running 5.1.1. For some reason Im not able to view the downloaded apk file. how do i navigate to the downloads folder? Thanks!

      1. Mikel Reply

        I tried downloading shortcut maker but I Have the same problem. How do I open the file? I don’t get prompted with the option that appears on step 17. Thanks for your time. Blessings!

          1. Mikel

            Leader, thanks for your response. I used chrome to download the apk. I cant search for the download. How am i suppose to search for it via chrome? I tried chrome://download but no luck. HELP ME PLEASE!

          2. mikel

            thanks leader. I have managed to install the frp.apk and get my account added but when i get to the last step of the activation screen i click “finish” and it brings me back to the welcome screen. any idea? Im almost there!

  8. herman sujanto Reply

    i have downloaded test.apk..but cannot instal it ..it’s show unable to scan primary ;download/test.apk

    i have priv stv100-1 security patch september 6, 2016…please help
    tq anyway

  9. Sergio Mendez Reply

    yo puedo realizar todos los pasos, llegue hasta el final, pero en donde dice administador de cuentas de google, no me aparece la que dice email and pasword. y tampoco puedo crear una donde dice create.
    nose que hacer, le agradeceria su apoyo. gracias
    is Version 6.0.1 STV-100-1

  10. That dude Reply

    I have a Priv on the latest December security patch. I used Leader’s instructions through step 19. Here I had to make a detour.

    You will need to search in Chrome for “Google Account Manager APK” found here http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-account-manager/ – Download version 6.0.1. This is necessary because in the latest security patch, Google removed the Google Account Manager “Type Email” option mentioned in step 21 of the how-to.

    By downloading this apk, you will be re adding this feature. After downloading and installing, continue with step 21.

    As of 1/5/17, I have a fully functional unlocked and FRP bypassed Priv!

  11. Jeff Reply

    Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome information. This saved me so much time!! Thanks for all your hard work

  12. Martin Reply

    Can you help me too. When i try, i stuck after step 17 and there’s a message “unable to scan 6”
    Can you help me? My priv is locked almost 1 year with os 6.0.1


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