Pavlok: This Wristband Will Give You An Electric Shock When You Spend Too Much

Spending a little bit too much is a crime we all commit every now and then and there are times when self-control won’t even work. At the end, we face the consequences of our actions and there’s no way to undo the unwise financial decisions we’ve already made. If you always find yourself overspending, this wristband may be exactly what you need to shock you back to your senses.

Pavlok wristband

Pavlok is a wristband that gives you an electric shock when you overspend and it was developed by Intelligent Environment, a British software company. The company has built software solutions for banks like HSBC and the Bank of Ireland and it now has a way to link the wristband to your bank account. The project was crowdfunded in 2014.

With the spending limit set, getting close to it should trigger a vibration or a text message. Going above this limit attracts the electric punishment and the wristband will send a jolt of energy up to 340 volts.

Pavlok wristband

Pa look doesn’t just stop you from overspending alone, it tries to curb other bad habits as well. It can be programmed to give you a zap of electric shock when you’re eating too much, spending too much time on certain websites, smoking, nail-biting and so on.

The intensity of the shock and other settings can be configured through the Android/iOS app. Unfortuantely, its not fully automated for now.

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