Leaked iPhone 7 Image Suggests Laser AutoFocus, Redesigned Antenna Lines

The iPhone 7 is still months away, but based on leaks and rumors, so much about the device have been revealed already. While these information can’t be completely trusted, quite a lot of past leaks concerning Apple devices have turned out to be true. We’ve seen a purported image of the iPhone 7 which we discarded as fake because the credibility looked doubtful.

There are also rumors that the device will not have the traditional 3.5mm earphone jack and other speculations suggests that this Apple device will feature wireless charging for the first time.

The most recent leak is a set of images posted on Weibo and reported by Leven Svetem Applem claiming to be the upcoming iPhone 7. The device in the image looks a lot like the iPhone 6 with a few changes. The prominent antenna lines have be repositioned to the sides and it looks tapered.


The camera also has a bump and the extra hole between the camera LED flash suggests this phone will come with laser autofocus. This will improve the camera capabilities in terms of faster autofocus and better low-light photography.


Unfortunately, the leaked images reveal only the back of the device. The front, top and bottom are not shown to confirm the absence of the earphone jack. While the leaked image looks genuine, nothing is certain till the device is released later this year.

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