Arguably the most interesting of the big announcements at MWC 2016. The LG G5 now has a magnesium alloy chassis, so its build quality has vastly improved on last year’s plastic affair. LG’s taken a surprising modular approach with its latest flagship handset. While replaceable batteries aren’t exactly the most exciting things in the world, things get a little more intriguing with the LG G5’s manner of battery swapping.

The entire bottom now slides off and you can simply swap the battery over and slide it back in. But that’s the least interesting part of the G5’s modularity. Various different modules are available that add extra functionality, such as the Cam Plus module that will be useful for photographers, or the Hi-Fi Plus module for the audiophiles. The LG G5 will also work with a number of separate devices from LG, which the company refer to as ‘Friends’. This includes the LG 360 Cam for 360-degree video. In the mean time

lg_g5_header lg_g5_cam_plus_2


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