Innjoo Set To Launch Innjoo A+ (A Plus)

Since it released Innjoo 2 and the Max 2, much hasn’t been heard about the company and there hasn’t been any major release. After its rather long silence though, the company is set to launch some new products during Jumia Mobile Week which is happening towards the end of the month. There are speculations one of them will be called Innjoo A+.


Based on the “Plus” in the name and a teaser posted on Youtube, this looks like a 6-inch phablet though we’re not certain of this. There isn’t much details about the device and the specifications available are sketchy rumors which cannot be trusted. Apart from this teaser, there isn’t any other form of confirmation from the company but come the end of May, we’re certain to see what Innjoo is up to with the upcoming Innjoo A+.

The teaser shows two different devices and they both look like mid-range smartphones. None has a fingerprint sensor but then, we may be wrong.

If you’re wondering why the company has been “silent” for a while, there are speculations the last releases (Innjoo 2 and Innjoo Max 2) didn’t perform so well in terms of sales.

These upcoming devices are bound to face some tight competition on arrival as other brands like Tecno and Infinix have been pretty busy this year, releasing devices that appeal to consumers.

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