Opera Launches Free Unlimited VPN For iOS

Over the last few weeks, Opera has upped its game and delivered several new features to its existing preduces. The developer version of its desktop browser now includes a free VPN and an inbuilt ad-blocker. Just over a week ago too, Opera Mini received an update that lets you block ads from showing on the mobile browser.

Opera has taken it even further by launching a free VPN app for iOS. This doesn’t only encrypt your connection and change your IP address, it also has features that let you block ads from showing in all browsers and prevent websites from tracking you.


I installed the app and it does exactly what is says. For now, you can switch between 5 different countries while using the virtual private network.


Unfortunately, the ad-blocker has no whitelist. All ads are blocked and there’s no way to support sites you like. We lamented about this when this same feature was added to Opera Mini


Opera VPN has no hidden charges, it is completely free.  These recent moves from Opera on all platforms are to generate more awareness for its desktop browser. If  you’re wondering what else Opera gains from this, Chris Houston, president of Surf Easy explains:

[Opera makes money] by collecting anonymous data about how people use their mobile device. This information is made available to third parties who are interested in better understanding the mobile ecosystem and how it’s evolving.

Well, data collected cannot identify you personally, these are more like survey data about how a group of people use their devices. Opera too explains that advertising may later be introduced within the app.

Theres no word yet on when the free VPN app wil be available on Android.

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