Tips for Buying the Best Mobile Spy Software Online

It is no secret that millions of people are looking for and downloading all kinds of monitoring apps every second, but they never seem to be sure of which is the best. The reason is that most people don’t know what features to consider while choosing the right spying app.

Here’s a quick article about some tips that can help you to find the best mobile spy software.
Tip 1: First, know why you need the app

Depending on if you are an employer or a parent, your needs will vary. Therefore, you must know why you need the spy app. Employers who use Skype messenger for their dealings will want an app that monitors all chats happening via this messenger app installed on the company issued cell phones. Employers also need other monitoring features, so if you are an employer, make sure the app offers everything you need. Likewise, parents need a ranger of monitoring features, and they must make sure that the monitoring app they choose offers everything they need.
Tip 2: Make sure the app works on the target device

The target person’s device may be an iOS or an Android device. You must find an app that works on the target cell phone. Xnspy has the capacity of working on both iOS and Android devices. For iOS devices, it is available in the jailbroken and non-jailbroken edition.

Tip 3: Make sure it covers your tracks

The best monitoring app must be able to do everything you want in stealth mode. Right from the time of installation (on Android and Jailbroken iOS devices), XNSPY becomes impossible to detect. No matter how tech-savvy the target person is, unless you tell him/her that you’ve installed the monitoring app on it, they will never know. To use this app to spy on a no-jailbreak iOS devices, the target’s iCloud credentials are all you need.

Tip 4: Make sure it helps monitor target’s movements

Try to find an app that offers options to track the target’s movement. You can stay ahead of the target person’s movements through the remarkable GPS tracking feature. You can know where the person is at any time. Moreover, its Geo-fencing feature allows you to mark specific places so that the app notifies you whenever the target person enters or leaves those places.
Tip 5: Make sure it has the “Watch list Words” feature

Some of the best mobile spy apps come with the ability to notify you whenever the target person uses specific words in SMS or IM chats. As soon as the app detects the use of watch-listed words in chats or texts, it will notify you. You don’t have to bother going through the entire conversations to know what the target person is doing.

Tip 6: Make sure it gives you the power to block apps you don’t want the target to use

Let’s assume that there is a problem, like the target person’s addiction to certain apps e.g. gambling. The app should allow you to block those apps to make sure the person doesn’t use them, remotely. Not without your permission at least. For parents, this can be a very helpful feature. Employers can use this to make sure employers don’t install apps on the company issued cell phone.
Tip 7: Make sure it allows you to monitor browser activities

The app you choose should allow you to keep a check on the target person’s browser history. From the control panel, you should be able to check which sites the person frequently visits by viewing bookmarked sites. There is no need to get confrontational or to ask for the person’s cell phone any more. You can know how many times, when, and what sites the person visits in his/her leisure time.

Trick 8: Make sure it monitors IM chats and watchlist contacts

If you choose apps like Xnspy, you can monitor all IM chats, including WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Skype, and Line. You can also monitor Facebook Messenger installed on the target’s device. To get notifications whenever specific contacts communicate with the target, just enter them in the “Watch-list Contacts” feature. The app will notify you whenever there is communication with those specific contacts.


There is so much that XNSPY offers, which justifies its gaining fame amongst some of the best mobile spy software in both PlayStore and Apple’s app stores. It offers many other interesting monitoring options and is available at the most reasonable and flexible subscription packages.

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