Reserve Your “Special” Ntel Number Before It’s Too Late


It’s no longer news that NITEL is coming back as ntel as the telecommunication assets previously owned by NiTel / M-TEL was acquired by NATCOM is a liquidation process finalized in May 2015.

As Ntel is prepared to launch 4G / LTE network in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, the company now allows you to reserve your 0804 number through its official website.


The campaign, which started yesterday, will continue for the next one month and each subscriber is allowed to register up to five numbers for reservation. In a statement announcing this, the company’s CEO, Kamar Abass said:

Ntel is a proudly Nigerian company fully committed to empowering Nigerians through a technologically advanced pure-play 4G/LTE network. We are offering pioneer status to the first batch of subscribers. Those who reserve their numbers, and subsequently SIM-activate with us, will be the vanguard of a select corps. of privileged subscribers.

Ntel promises advanced 4G/LTE over the 900/1800/1900 MHz spectrum and aims to be the fastest in Nigeria. It is licensed to be a national carrier, an international gateway and a mobile operator.
How to reserve your Ntel number

Visit and go to the number reservation page.
Select whether to manually choose your number or you prefer a randomly generated number.
Key in the required details.
Choose your number and reserve.

Ntel should contact subscribers when the service finally launches and operation begins.

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