Home Automation and Internet of Things

home automation

From smart gadgets to smart phones, who doesn’t want a smart home also? While most of our homes in the literal sense are already pretty automated from flicking on the lights to closing the garage door, the modern concept of automating a home can do much more than that. It has the ability to think collectively for us by integrating our homes onto a central hub system with something as easily available as the internet. The answer to how is this even possible follows below.

While an automated home has the capacity to connect the home appliances to a central system, like pressing a button to undo your shades, on the other hand, connected devices have the capability to anticipate the user’s needs and perform various actions according to them. Although this is only possible through intense programming but research shows that the device over time learns and adapts to the users preferences and is in turn able to anticipate future moves accordingly. However, with internet of things, both these concepts are combined together to create a completely revolutionized idea where connecting your already connected appliances to the internet in order to turn your home into a state of the art smart home.

Why more and more people are opting for this today is simple. It is because with internet of things, people are able to manage their fast paced lives better along with their home lives. More benefits include:

  • Cost

With a centrally automated home, you are inevitably saving a lot of money. The concept is fairly simple based on the “time is money” phenomena. When initially you would invest a portion of your day into conducting small tasks like turning the sprinklers on or enabling and disabling different lights around your home, now with internet of things all this is possible at the tips of your fingers.

  • Increased Control

When your home is connected via internet of things, you don’t have to worry about the small things like checking the oven or letting the cat in or shutting down the pool’s heating. All this is easily possible with the help of a smart gadget like your smart phone or tablet and can be managed from anywhere around the globe.

  • Independence

With an automated home that is connected via internet, elderly personnel of our community can enjoy longer stays in their own homes. With age it becomes harder to manage a lot the things around the household therefore with a centrally controlled home they don’t have to worry about checking on the locks or turning up the heating as it can be easily done remotely.

  • Security and safety

This is probably the most sold idea when we talk about home automation and internet of things. This is because with a centrally integrated system, you can now install sensors and cameras that can be monitored remotely. Now you will not have issue keeping track of unwanted trespassers or any water leaks that would otherwise destroy your flooring.


Although the concept of internet of things linked with home automation is a relatively newer idea in the market, but is a fast growing one indeed. People are eagerly pursuing companies that provide you with home automation kits. There are also some companies that will install home automation with internet of things from the very beginning when your home is in the initial building and decorating phase. Now you can enjoy a movie comfortably with your loved ones without having to go check on the cookies baking in your oven every 15 to 20 minutes.

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