How To Record Your Android Screen Activity(VIDEO SCREENSHOT)

How To Record The screen or your android phone’s activity.


In this post am going to show you how you can record the moves, actions and other things you do on your android phone. This is more like screenshot but in the video aspect. Screenshot are stored as pictures while what am going to show you would be how to record a video of everything you do on your Android device.

This comes in handy for, video tutorials, help, showing navigation or for what ever reason you might want to record your android screen activities.
You possibly might have seen a video tutorial that was done/recorded on a phone and you wondered how, recording android screen activity can be done with several apps while some apps that record the screen of your android are slightly complicated others are very simple to use just as the one am about showing you.
Screen Recorder, as the name states is an android app that records the screen activity of your phone or tablet. simple!
Just download and install Screen Recorder apk, launch it and you’d get the screen below


if you had previously recorded anything with the app it would have been seen here.
Tap on the video icon at the bottom right of the app screen and a pop-up telling what’s about to be started just tap ‘start now’ and your video recording has begun. There would be a notification on the notification bar as seen below


Tap on it and the recording is done, go back to the home of the app to see your recorded scree video.

That’s just it on how to record android screen(activity) with the Screen Recorder app apk.

The screen recorder app apk can also be used for several other things like editing your recorded screen.

Download The Screen Recorder app apkHERE

Or download directly from HERE

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