How To Get Marshmallow Features On Lollipop xtech

Today I’ll be showing you how to get some Marshmallow Features On Your Android Lollipop devices without upgrading, specifically for those who didn’t get the update for their device.


Manage App Permissions
This is one of the most awesome features on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Upgrade, it helps in improving your security to restrict some apps from accessing some features on your device. On lollipop and previous android versions you can’t change what an app has access to, but with Marshmallow you have full right to change what access an app has to whatever feature on your android device.
To be able to this on your Android 5.0 lollipop you’ll need an app X Privacy Installer. With X Privacy Installer you can manage and control app access and permissions on Android lollipop.

Marshmallow Smartlink
Smartlink is a little handy feature of the Android 6.0 marshmallow upgrade, that makes things easier for you while opening links sent to you. Here’s how it works, you’re sent a link to a twitter tweet maybe on WhatsApp once you click on the link it automatically opens on your twitter app(instead of giving you options of apps and browsers), this works for every app, Quora, Instagram etc.
To get this little but handle feature of Marshmallow on your Lollipop download TapPath Browser Helper

Chrome Custom Tab
Chrome Custom Tabs is also another little but handy feature of Marshmallow. Just like smartlink above, chrome custom tabs deals with links as well but in it’s case its on a different dimension to improve your security. Once a link is sent to you, normally you’d have to open it on your browser to know what the link is about or where it leads to, but with chrome custom tabs on your device, chrome would load a stripped-back subset of the browser to load the link from there you can choose to visit the link. While this feature can not be directly added to your Chrome browser on lollipop you’ll need to download Link Bubble Browser and make it your default browser

Marshmallow Recognise SDcard As Internal Memory
On Android marshmallow the external SD card is fully integrated and recognised as an internal memory which gives you larger space to install more apps and games. With Link2SD app you can do just that on your Lollipop but with root permission.

Download links of each of these apps is available at the source, you can ask questions on any issue.

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