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In the grand scheme of mobile devices, there are only two games in town: Apple’s locked-down iOS, and Google’s free-as-a-bird Android. Apple frequently takes center stage when it comes to the spotlight — its fans often referred to as cult-like, and its co-founder immortalized not only in tech legend, but multiple Hollywood films. Though Android seems to receive less media-wide adulation (Michael Fassbender isn’t pegged to play Andy Rubin anytime soon), it owns the majority of the smartphone user base, and its legions of sworn fans are no less cult-like than those of Apple.

You’ve probably heard the rumors that Steve Jobs named his company Apple because of his fruitarian diet, but did you know that the guy who created the venerable T-Mobile Sidekick was also a co-founder of Android? Despite the lack of enigmatic leader, Android is founded on equally interesting principles and full of fascinating lore. That doesn’t get discussed nearly as much as the lore of its competition, but that’s why we’re here. We’ve assembled 50 pieces of Android trivia — from interesting tidbits to rare facts — for you to enjoy and bust out the next time you’re at a party and someone starts talking about fruitarianism.

Check out the gallery above, and expand the part of your brain that’s reserved for mobile operating systems — or at least load up on interesting trivia for the next time you’re a contestant on an entirely Android-themed episode of Jeopardy.

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